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Today OJSC “93-Maxsus Trest” is an enterprise with branches throughout the country, which employs highly qualified specialists. Much attention is paid to strengthening the material and technical base of all divisions, the introduction of modern technologies, the development of sectoral and intersectoral cooperation, the achievement of financial stability and an increase in income and the production and technical base of all working employees. All this made it possible not only to preserve the personnel and production and technical base, but also to direct their production potential to the development of an independent state.

Today, the enterprise has a powerful material and technical base, which includes the production capacity of more than a hundred lifting machines, metal structures, pipe assemblies and non-standard equipment. The trust’s specialists carry out special installation work at water supply and sanitation facilities, production process lines made of non-metallic pipes. OJSC “93-Maxsus Trest” completed construction works in the amount of $13,499,638 in 2017-2019

During the years of independence, our divisions have completed the construction of very important facilities:

  • Bukhara Oil Refinery;
  • Guards market;
  • Samarkand oil depot;
  • Muruntovsky gold mining plant;
  • Paper mills in the cities of Tashkent and Yangiyol;
  • Mubarak and Shortan gas processing plants;
  • Shortan gas chemical complex;
  • Soda plant in Kungirot;
  • Khuzak land plot;
  • Dengizkol mine;
  • Processing plant for polymetallic ores at the Khandiza mine

The enterprises that are part of OJSC “93-Maxsus Trest” are modern construction and installation organizations, consisting of highly qualified specialists, having a powerful material and technical base, capable of solving the most complex production tasks.

In the anniversary year, the pace of construction and installation work does not decrease. Intensive work is being carried out at such facilities as the reconstruction of the international airport in Urgench, the reconstruction of the Logistics Center in Angren, and the improvement of the infrastructure of the Tashkent International Airport.

Thanks to the high professional skills of the workforce and the modern approach to work, the scale of construction work at the facilities is carried out with high quality and on time.

Also, OJSC “93-Maxsus Trest” completed the following objects:

  • The installation of technological pipelines at the plant for the production of power units “General Motors Powertrain Uzbekistan” has been completed.
  • Completed work on the replacement of technological equipment for the production of sulfuric acid SK-40 OJSC “Ammofos-Maxam”.
  • Completed and put into operation facilities for the reconstruction of international airports of the National Airline “Uzbekistan Airways” in the cities of Tashkent, Bukhara, Navoi.

90 years of history

and experience in the field of special construction works

The glorious history of the open joint-stock company OJSC “93-Maxsus Trest” began in 1933 with the construction of the largest textile factory in the Central Asian region. To implement this project, on September 25, 1933, by order of the Main Construction Department of the People’s Commissariat of Light Industry, a separate construction department “Tekstilstroy” was created. This date is the starting point of the labor activity of the enterprise OJSC “93-Maxsus Trest”. In 1939, Textilstroy was renamed into Tashkentsanoat. This allowed the trust to become the largest organization in the republic for the construction of industrial facilities.



Today it is impossible to carry out large volumes of complex installation work without the presence of highly qualified engineering and working personnel. OJSC “93-Maxsus Trest” pays great attention to personnel training. Close cooperation with higher and secondary specialized, vocational educational institutions throughout the republic allows us to satisfy not only the urgent need for personnel, but also to build a promising personnel policy. One of the objectives of this policy is the high-quality training and retraining of specialists capable of performing production tasks, based on modern thinking, new technologies and equipment.

The real wealth of OJSC “93-Maxsus Trest” is the people and employees of the organization. The management of the trust and its divisions, trade unions carry out large-scale work to strengthen the social protection of labor collectives and improve the well-being of all employees without exception.

Today, workers and members of their families have the opportunity to improve their health in the sanatoriums of our republic, relax in rest homes, health camps.

Labor veterans are surrounded by special respect and attention. They are always in the center of attention of the company, support the youth, help with advice.


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