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Law on appeals of physical and legal entities
Application procedure

A private office of the Company has been established on the portal of the virtual reception of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, and through the portal it is possible to consider and send electronic responses to the applications received from citizens and business entities in the name of the Company. As of January 1 of this year, the total number of applications received by the Company through the Portal is 6, completed applications are 6, applications in process are 0, rejected are 0, canceled are 0.

Appeals received from citizens as of January 1, 2023Number of appealsNumber of viewsNumber of executions
From an individual000
From a legal entity606


Hotline: (99871) 235-90-95 (until 18:00)

Single telephone number for company activities: (99871) 234-59-48 (until 6:00 p.m.)

Our email

HOTLINE as of January 1, 2023
through appeals received from citizens
Number of appealsNumber of viewsNumber of executions
From an individual826
From a legal entity15510


As of January 1, 2023 via website
appeals received from citizens
Number of appealsNumber of viewsNumber of executions
From an individual862
From a legal entity303

Question and answer section

20.01.2023 Asrorov Agzam
In case of vacancies in the organization, I am submitting my resume for your review.

25.12.2022 Various issues
We live at the above address. Our streets. Bumpy. We made asphalt ourselves. Asphalt is rubbed by large cars. We have already applied to the authorities, they said that we will do it in March. But no one came to see. That’s why we had to apply again. Everything in our neighborhood is like this, the land is bad. In the spring, water fills the deep places and the land rots. In the summer months, the street cannot be swept, the stone is broken. Paved areas are massaged when large vehicles pass by. We want you to come and see the land yourself and give us legal and practical help as soon as possible.

26.11.2022 Bobokulov
Hello, This year I graduated from Tashkent Technical University Hydroenergetic Department. If you have any vacancies, please let me know. I am currently unemployed. If there are any vacancies, I need to submit some documents to your organization. thanks in advance for the replies.

If you want to apply, go to the following page