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16 of the 86 construction organizations operating in the construction sector within the company have a state share of the company. Including:

  • “Tashmetroqurilish” LLC and its 5 organizations – 100% state share;
  • “Portlatishsanoat” JSC and 1 organization within it – the state share is 66%;
  • And seven 100 percent state-owned and 1 1.5 percent state-owned specialized assembly and mechanization organizations newly established by the Company.

Due to the existing qualified personnel, production, material and technical bases of the assembly, special construction and construction organizations within the company, the company participates in construction objects in almost all sectors of the republic’s economy, from the installation of complex metal structures and main pipes to electricity, plumbing, ventilation, air heating, cooling. , carries out all special construction works, such as chemical protection, adjustment and commissioning, as well as works up to “turnkey” commissioning of infrastructure facilities. Also, they produce various standard and non-standard metal constructions for construction objects, the quality and durability of which are guaranteed. More precisely, the types of construction works performed by assembly special construction and construction organizations mainly consist of the following:

  • Production and assembly of metal structures;
  • installation of production technological systems in industrial facilities;
  • installation of main gas, water and heat pipes;
  • construction of external engineering and communication networks with medium and high pressure pipelines;
  • electrical equipment with a capacity of 0.4 to 10 kW and installation of lines;
  • installation works of heating and water supply structures and technological facilities;
  • installation of cooling and air cleaning systems;
  • installation of fire extinguishing, communication and telecommunication, automatic systems of control and measurement devices;
  • performing special works of chemical protection, thermal insulation, wall covering and lining;
  • construction of buildings and structures from industrial and commercial buildings;
  • performing earth technological works in construction objects;
  • drilling and blasting;
  • installation of bridge, flyovers and tunnel structures;
  • Setting up and commissioning electrical equipment with a capacity of 0.4 to 10 kW.

Assembly and special construction organizations within the company are participating in the construction of industrial and civil objects related to various fields. In particular,

  • Kungirot, Shortan, Chirchik Maksam, Dehkhanabad chemical plants;
  • Shortan, Mubarak, Bukhara, Zharkurgan oil and gas processing plants;
  • Asaka, Tashkent, Samarkand automobile and motor factories;
  • Tashkent, Urganch, Navoi, Samarkand international airports;
  • Tashkent and Bukhara textile factories;
  • Uchkudug, Zarafshan, Almalyk, Navoi ore processing plants,
  • Talimarjon GRES;
  • as well as health care, education, sports, housing and other infrastructure facilities in the regions.

In 2014-2021, construction works worth 1 trillion 935 billion soms were performed by assembly and special construction organizations within the company. Of this, works worth 600 billion soms were completed in 2021, which was 105.8 percent compared to last year.