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Development dynamics of company

“O’ZMAXSUSMONTAJQURILISH” JOINT STOCK COMPANY was established on the basis of the No-2136 decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated February 27, 2014 “On measures to improve the organization of assembly and special construction works”. The company is the legal successor of the Ministry of Assembly and Special Construction Works, which operated in 1965-1992, and the “O’ZMAXSUSMONTAJQURILISH” association, which operated in 1992-2014. The company’s constituent organizations and enterprises operate mainly in two directions, i.e. in the fields of assembly, special construction and construction works, and production of industrial products that substitute for imports. Currently, a total of 105 organizations and enterprises are operating within the Company. 88 of them are organizations specializing in assembly and special construction works, and 17 are industrial enterprises.

I. In the field of construction:

28 out of 87 construction organizations operating in the construction sector within the company have a state share of the company. Including:

  • OJSC “93-Maxsus Trest” and its 11 organizations – the state share is 83.3 percent;
  • “Toshmetroqurilish” LLC and its 5 organizations – state share 100.0 percent;
  • “Portlatishsanoat” JSC and 1 organization within it – state share 66.0 percent;
  • 7 newly established by the company with 100.0 percent state ownership and 1.5 percent there are 1 specialized special, assembly and mechanization organizations with a state share.

Due to the existing qualified personnel, production, material and technical bases of the assembly, special construction and construction organizations within the company, the company participates in construction objects in almost all sectors of the republic’s economy, from the installation of complex metal structures and main pipes to electricity, plumbing, ventilation, air heating, cooling. , carries out all special construction works, such as chemical protection, adjustment and commissioning, as well as works up to “turnkey” commissioning of infrastructure facilities. Also, they produce various standard and non-standard metal constructions for construction objects, the quality and durability of which are guaranteed. More precisely, the types of construction work performed by assembly, special construction and construction organizations are mainly as follows:

  • Production and assembly of metal structures;
  • Assembly of production technological systems in industrial facilities;
  • Installation of main gas, water and heat pipes;
  • Construction of external engineering and communication networks with medium and high pressure pipelines;
  • Installation of electrical equipment and lines with a capacity of 0.4 to 10 kW;
  • Installation works of heating and water supply structures and technological facilities;
  • Installation of cooling and air cleaning systems;
  • Installation of fire extinguishing, communication and telecommunication, automatic systems of control and measurement devices;
  • Perform special works of chemical protection, heat insulation, wall covering and lining;
  • Construction of buildings and structures from industry and civil engineering;
  • Performing ground technological works in construction objects;
  • Drilling and blasting works;
  • Installation of bridge, flyovers and tunnel structures;
  • Setting up and commissioning of electrical equipment with a capacity of 0.4 to 10 kW.

Assembly and special construction organizations within the company are participating in the construction of industrial and civil objects related to various fields. In particular,

  • Kungirot, Shortan, Chirchik Maksam, Dehkhanabad chemical plants;
  • Shortan, Mubarak, Bukhara, Zharkurgan oil and gas processing plants;
  • Asaka, Tashkent, Samarkand automobile and motor factories;
  • Tashkent, Urganch, Navoi, Samarkand international airports;
  • Tashkent and Bukhara textile factories;
  • Uchkuduq, Zarafshan, Almalik, Navoi ore processing plants;
  • Talimarjon GRES;
  • As well as health care, education, sports, housing and other infrastructure facilities in the regions.
  • Construction works worth 1 trillion 335 billion sums were performed by assembly and special construction organizations within the company in 2014-2020.

Of this, in 2020, works worth 248 billion sums were completed, which was 108 percent compared to last year. This year, it is planned to carry out installation and special construction works in the amount of 270 billion sums, 109 percent compared to last year. The management of the joint-stock company “O’zmaxsusmontajqurilish” in cooperation with the qualified specialists of the field introduced a number of cost-effective new technologies for assembly and special construction works in the field of construction. Including:

  • Technology of applying polypropylene pipes to plumbing networks in infrastructure objects;
  • Use of a horizontal style heating network that allows heating of apartments independently of each other in housing facilities;
  • Production technology of the imported vacuum circuit breaker used in electric networks was localized for the first time in the republic.


In particular, investments from abroad, including Russia, the USA, China and Turkey, as well as local investors were attracted, “Tashkent Pipe Plant” LLC, “Konvektor” LLC, “Zavod NVA” LLC, “Puls-Bah” LLC, “Sitan” LLC. LLC, “Noa” LLC, “Almalik-metall-construction” LLC, “Ven Kon air engineering” LLC, “Davr temir-beton servis” LLC, “Sam servis tekhnologia” LLC, “Toshelektrotekhmontaj” LLC, “Universal metal construction” LLC The potentials of LLC and “Tashkent Metallkonstruksia” LLC enterprises have been increased.

Also, the production of industrial heating boilers was launched for the first time in the republic at the “Uzbek Boiler” LLC enterprise. Today, more than 400 types of industrial products that replace imports are produced by the industrial enterprises of the Company.


  • Metal pipes with a straight seam from 15 mm to 102 mm in diameter;
  • Square and rectangular metal pipes from 20×20 mm to 200×150 mm;
  • Metal pipes with a diameter of 114 mm to 377 mm with a straight and spiral seam;
  • High-pressure metal pipes with a diameter of 426 mm to 1620 mm for main oil-gas-water networks;
  • Fittings with a diameter of 12 mm to 36 mm;
  • Metal wires with a diameter of 0.8 mm to 8 mm;
  • Cast iron radiators;
  • Bolts, washers, washers and nuts;
  • Metal constructions;
  • Slate roofing;
  • Oil-gas metal reservoirs from 100 m3 to 20,000 m3;
  • Pressurized water towers from 15 m3 to 50 m3;
  • Household heating boilers adapted to gas and solid fuels;
  • Industrial steam heating boilers;
  • Plumbing (washbasin, toilet, bath and other) equipment;
  • Household and industrial ventilators;
  • Electrical substations, electrical distribution equipment, vacuum circuit breaker, etc.

In 2014-2020, more than 8.0 trillion sums of products were produced by the company’s structural industrial enterprises. In 2014, a total of 624 billion sums worth of industrial products were developed, and in 2020, this figure will reach 2 trillion sums 98 billion sums, the growth rate was 338 percent. Including,

  • In 2020 itself, 165 thousand tons of metal pipes, 160 thousand tons of fittings and wire products, more than 8 thousand tons of metal constructions, 20 thousand m3 of reinforced concrete products, 200 thousand conditional pieces of plumbing equipment, electrical equipment worth 48 billion sums and others were produced.
  • The measures taken by the company to increase modern and demanding investment projects, use new technologies, reduce the volume of imports and save fuel and energy resources are bearing fruit.
  • In particular, this year, based on the decision of the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated January 9, 2020 PD-4563 – $84.6 million. The new large-scale investment project “Production of thin rolled metal” with an annual capacity of 500,000 tons will be launched in the 4th quarter of 2021. Currently, the technological equipment of the project is being assembled by specialists of the People’s Republic of China and “O’ZMAXSUSMONTAJQURILISH” JSC.
  • Due to the launch of the project, imported metal strips will become local raw materials and by the end of 2021, 51.0 million dollars amount of currency is saved. In the following years, with the full operation of this capacity, it will be possible to save foreign currency in the amount of more than 240 million dollars per year.
  • Purchase of imported raw materials and equipment amounted to 238.6 million dollars by the end of 2019, and 169.7 million dollars were purchased by the end of 2020 (including technological equipment for 31.7 million dollars and 138.0 million dollars). raw materials were purchased for dollars). That is, by the end of 2020, the import volume will be 68.8 mln. of dollars reduction in the amount was achieved.
  • By the end of 2020, imports were optimized to $58.6 million due to localization of production and industrial cooperation. As a result, production costs of products were reduced, and their cost was reduced by 4.4% on average 74.4 billion sums.


In 2021, based on the work plans and business plans of the joint-stock company “O’zmaxsusmontajqurilish” and its construction organizations and industrial enterprises, the development of assembly, special construction and construction works, as well as the production of import-substitute industrial products, localization of new types of products, investments, including foreign all necessary measures are being taken to attract more investments, reduce imports, save fuel and energy resources, reduce product prices, and increase new jobs.

In particular, in 2021:

  • Installation and special construction works worth 270 billion sums, 109 percent compared to last year;
  • 2 trillion 720 billion to increase the level of growth of production of industrial products of soums and the comparative price from 105 percent;
  • Of this, 173 thousand tons of metal pipes, 168 thousand tons of metal rods and catankas, more than 9 thousand tons of metal constructions, 22 thousand cubic meters of reinforced concrete products, 210 thousand conditional units of plumbing equipment, production of electrical equipment worth 80 billion sums;
  • Production of products worth 420 billion sums as part of the localization program;
  • Reduction of import volume by 13.2 million dollars due to localization and cooperative relations;
  • Utilization of 5.9 million dollars of investments and launch of the investment program of 84.6 million US dollars by the end of the 4th quarter;
  • Reducing the cost of products by 4.0%;
  • Creation of 125 new jobs;
  • and it is planned to save 4 mln. kilowatt hours of electricity and 15 tons of fuel resources.

At the end of the first quarter of 2021:

  • 48.6 billion sums, 108 percent of installation and special construction works were completed compared to the same period last year;
  • 491.2 billion soums of industrial products were produced with a growth rate of 162.4 percent (124.4 percent compared to the previous year at a comparable price). In particular, 18,900 tons of metal pipe products and 43,900 tons of metal pipes and coils were produced;
  • the volume of import amounted to 94.3 million dollars. All imported products are raw materials, and as a result of the measures taken, the production volume increased by 162.4% during the reporting period. (30 percent of the import was purchased for the “Organization of the production of thin rolled metal” project, which will be launched this year, and in the IV quarter of 2021, according to the plan defined in the Localization Program, the ground was created for the production of thin rolled metal to replace the new import of 419 billion sums) .
  • During the reporting period 1.04 million kWh of electricity and 3.82 tons of oil products were saved.

Tasks to be implemented in the first half of 2021:

  • Installation and special construction works worth 131 billion sums, 108 percent compared to the same period last year;
  • Production of products worth 1.0 trillion sums (106.0 percent growth). In particular, during the reporting period, production of 70,000 tons of metal pipes and 50,000 tons of pipes and rods;
  • import volume not to exceed 114.0 million dollars and decrease by 99% compared to last year;
  • reducing the cost of products by 4.0% or 29.7 million sums on average;
  • For 1 project in the first quarter based on the investment program 3.0 mln. dollar investment appropriation;
  • Saving 2.0 million kWh of electricity and 7.5 tons of oil products.

Joint-stock company “O’zmaxsusmontajqurilish” and its organizations and enterprises are always ready to provide import-substitute industrial products delivery services to construction objects in the field of assembly and special construction and construction, as well as in all sectors of the economy of our republic, with a guarantee of quality and durability.