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Information about the company’s calculated and paid dividends for the last 3 years

Net profit (thousand sums)76135,083759,091162,0137993,0
Calculated dividends (thousand soums)34260,823871,377487,7103494,75113427,0
From this to the state share (100%) (thousand soms)34260,823871,377487,7103494,75113427,0
*-It will be announced after the decision of the sole shareholder of the company


Information on the estimated distribution of the company’s 2021 net profit

The estimated distribution of the company’s net profit for 2020 is adopted by the decision of the next annual general meeting of the sole shareholder of the company:

Payment of total dividends – 75.0% or 103,494,750 soums; 2. To the reserve fund of the company – 25.0% or 34,498,250 soums. State enterprises listed in Appendix 1 of the meeting minutes of the Cabinet of Ministers No. 01-02/1-657 dated May 3, 2021, as well as state-owned enterprises with a 50 percent or more share in the charter capital 75% of the net profit of legal entities at the end of 2020 was ordered to be allocated to dividends. Accordingly, with the letter No. 01/07-2-17-733 of the State Asset Management Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan dated May 12, 2021, to the Supervisory Board, the agenda of the general meeting of shareholders (participants) until June 10 of this year is to allocate 75% of the net profit to dividends to make proposals, to ensure that relevant decisions are made by July 1, and that the dividend on the state’s share is directed to the state budget.