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Organizational structure

The list of materials that must be submitted to the company for admission to associate membership:

1) Letter on joining the “O’zmaxsusmontajqurilish” JSC;
2) Certificate of registration (copy);
3) Charter of the enterprise (copy);
4) Certificate of conformity to the manufactured product;
5) Decision on the decision of the founders to join “O’zmaxsusmontajqurilish” JSC;
6) Accounting balance, F-2, F-2a, structural structure of debtor and creditor debts for the current year – for the current year (copy);
7) Statistical report form 1-KV for small enterprises and form 1-S for large business enterprises – for the current year (copy);
8) Business plan for next year.

  1. An application written in a free form, in which the fulfillment of all requirements imposed by the company on the provision of reports, as well as information on the enterprise’s activities, is mandatory.
  2. The statement of the general meeting of the enterprise or the decision of the stakeholders on the decision to enter into the JSC “Ozkhurilishmaterialari”.
  3. Brief information about the enterprise: name of the enterprise, FISh of the head of the management body, contact phone number, legal-organizational form (OJSC, JV, LLC, etc.), charter fund and its composition, postal address , contact numbers, when the enterprise was founded, what it does, production capacity, number of employees according to the list, etc.
  4. Balance sheet of the enterprise (form No. 1), report on financial results (form No. 2) – for the annual and reporting period, creditor and debtor debt, including overdue debt.
  5. Certificate of conformity to the manufactured product;
  6. Certificate (enterprise registration certificate).